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Axis Part Request from Wil

Ded - 

This is Wil Cameron.  Thanks for speaking with me on Thursday night about Axis parts.  I understand you no longer make stands but I have a TON of Axis hardward and I need help with a few reparis.  

I have 4 pedals, 2, hi-hat stands and 1 snare stand that are all holding up well for being about 20 years old. 


I need help with obtaining:

- the rubber or plastic feet for my cymbal stands and

- the plastic spindle on myu boom cymbal stand that holds the cymbal in place. (see the pic to the right)  I tried to glue it back together but it wont stay. 


In addition to the feet and the platic spindle, I would also like to ask you about obtaining a short version of your hi-hat clutch.  As you can see from the photo below, the clutch is very low profile and I can leave it on my cymbals when transporting them in my cymbal bag.  It's about two inches tall and I have it sitting next to a traditional Axis hi-hat clutch. In my opinion, the smaller clutch would cost less to manufacture and may drummers would probably want the shorter clutch as an option. Just remember me when they go flying off the shelf becuase they are in such great damand.

Can you please look around the shop and cut a few down to two inches for me so that I can use them with my other sets of traveling cymbals?  Photos of the clutch are below.

I have used Axis stands and pedals for over two decades and I simply LOVE your products.  My Roland practice kit and one of my travling setups is below.  Sorry for the lousy photos but I never intended to send them to anyone. Please reach out to me when you can and let me know if there is anything you can do to help me.  

Again, I need:

- the plastic spindle for a boom cymbal stand

- two feet for cymbal stands

- short version of your hi-hat clutch.


 You can reach me via e-mail at or call me at  202-709-8748. I'm providing the information via this web page to cut down on the hassle of sending a bunch of individual photos.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Wil Cameron

Drummer - Percussionist

Washington, DC.

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