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Digital Drum Services 
Expertise and Roland and Alesis digital drumsets

We can help with online collaboration via platforms like JamKazam, or we can add a drum track to YOUR music. We have expertise with Roland V-Drums and the Roland SPD-Sx sampler. We love all drums!!!  Click the button below to provide details.

Drum_r Setup / Tuneup Package
Full Drumset w/ Hardware

If you recently purchased drums, we can set them up and tune them expertly for you. If you have an older set of drums, a single snare you're trying to sell, or drums that needs a little TLC give us a call. Regardless, we'll assess what you have and will try our best to make it "playable" for you.  We LOVE all drums!!!

Our rates are very reasonable and you can reserve our services in 30 minute blocks for budgeting purposes. Written estimates are provided for any needed repairs, parts, reconditioning or new drumheads. We service the local DMV area. Call or e-mail if your drum or kit needs a makeover.

Blue Taye Micro.JPG
Snare Drum, Marching Band and Drumset

COMING SOON! Contact us for details!

Available for purchase in 45 minute blocks, or one-time "jam" lessons for newbies and intermediate drummers who already know the fundamentals. Our goal is to provide instructions for drummers, from real working drummers. We offer the basics of drumming and can provide instruction for gospel, rock, jazz, classic/marching snare drum, electronic drums and hand percussion. We seek to instruct and anchor new drummers the fundamentals of preparation, practice and performance (the three Ps.) Regardless of your instructional or performance goals, we can build a lesson plan to accommodate you.

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