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I was a ROCK star for a day!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Most semi-serious musicians have had visions of themselves playing on the "big stage" in front of hundreds or thousands of cheering fans. I never really expected that as a jazz drummer, but I came really close to living that vision while playing with the Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Band - Wicked Garden... yes, that's their real name so let's just call them STP for short.

During mid February (and pre-COVID), I had a virtual audition with this group because we all live in different cities. I was selected in to play drums for STP in March and quickly got started learning the tunes, since I didn't really know much about the Stone Temple Pilots or their music. I was pleasantly surprised that the cats ROCK, their music is solid and the drummer is awesome!

The plan behind this tour concept was to select a group of really good musicians who could perform a series of tour gigs as an STP cover band. My bandmates were good dudes and exceptional artists. Somehow my jazz feel worked great with the rock tunes and the energy between us was great!

Things were actually going well leading up to our first performance/live audition in June, which took place in Cincinnati, OH. However, COVID happened and all of that went away - quickly. During our first performance we played inside a very nice but empty concert venue. We used the time wisely (sort of) as a practice and to obtain some video footage of our music that would be suitable for marketing and for the STP website. More to come with that later. Pics of my very cool bandmates are note below.


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