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JamKazam 05/18/2021: New Software Upgrade!

For all you cats who have heard about using Jamkazam for online music collaboration, the following e-mail was sent to all JamKazam users a few weeks ago. I have not yet had a chance to check out this latest update so please get back with me and provide some feedback if you try it. Note you will be required to do a quick download of the latest version to get started. The link to a "Release Notes" document can also be found below in their e-mail from 05/18/2021:

JamKazam user:

Today we released a very significant update to the JamKazam application. This update includes some major surgery on the app, and as a result, you cannot rely on the normal self-updating feature of the application. The next time you want to use the app, you will need to go to to download and install the app fresh from our website. For Mac users, we suggest the extra step of going to your Applications folder and deleting the JamKazam app there before going to the link above to download and install the new app. You can then launch the newly installed app, and all should be working properly.

This new update includes a large number of very substantive improvements and fixes. We are aware that updates come with some pain each time, and we are sensitive to this. But we can’t get the platform where we all want it to go without significant changes, so we appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to work through these big updates. Following is a “release notes” link that describes the changes in this latest update:

In addition to these changes, we recently invested more of the subscription revenues into upgrading our proprietary media network with stronger and more reliable servers to address connectivity issues we were seeing in sessions due to media server problems. Together, these changes will continue to improve the performance and reliability of the JamKazam platform.

There are other very big updates on which we are actively working, and we’ll share more on these soon. More news and notes below.

Music Festivals (Choir/A Cappella & Rock/General) We have been sidetracked by other priorities, but we’d like to host a couple of music festivals again soon to highlight some of the artists and bands performing on JamKazam. One festival we’ve been meaning to host is with a focus on singers – especially choirs and a cappella groups. We’d also like to host another more general festival with rock, blues, jazz, and other more instrumental genres. If you have a group currently rehearsing together on JamKazam in either of these categories and you’d like to perform/participate in either of these two festivals, please send us an email to to let us know you’d be interested.

Blues Night on JamKazam

We’re also re-starting something we used to do a long time ago, with organic event programming around genres or particular groups. For our first event, we’re planning a Blues Night on JamKazam for next Tuesday, May 25. If you’re interested in playing the blues, fire up your JamKazam app on Tuesday evening/night and join or start sessions with “Blues” in the title. Hope to see you there! More info here:

Best Regards, Team JamKazam


So, if you missed my initial or the follow-up weekly blog posts about JamKazam, you can find all of them here by searching for "JamKazam". As always, special thanks to Magic Ray, all my local DMV musician buddies, and drummers from everywhere for hanging in there and helping to share info about playing music. My email address is below if you ever want to send me a note or have any questions.




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