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JamKazam - 05/24/2020: Sign up for the JamKazam Music Festival.

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

On 05/24/2020, I received another e-mail update from the folks at Jamkazam regarding their plan/path forward to improve the performance of their site. The e-mail was sent as a weekly reminder to report progress from Team JamKazam regarding their work to address latency issues at their site. The e-mail also announces a 100% live JamKazam music festival, scheduled for 05/30/2020, @ 5:30pm, which will be featured on Facebook. More to come regarding this matter.

In support of the JamKazam music festival event, Team JamKazam is asking us to do the following, quickly:

1) RSVP to the event to receive a reminder to tune in and build momentum for the festival.

2) Share the Facebook link through your social media accounts to help get the word out, and

3) Attend at least part of the festival to check it out for yourself.

This is a preview from their Facebook page CLICK HERE and the JamKazam original, unedited e-mail message is below:

Hello JamKazammers –

Peter and Seth are working furiously on our new Internet latency reduction feature. Meanwhile, David has been pulling together the JamKazam Music Festival, which is now real and scheduled for Saturday May 30 starting at 5pm CDT.

This festival will feature 7 (or more) bands playing 30-minute sets, with band members playing from each of their homes in JamKazam sessions. Check out this preview video for a small taste of what’s coming:

Here is the link for the event, which will be a Facebook Live stream:

We’d like to ask you to please help us by doing three quick things:

- RSVP to the event to get a reminder to tune in and to build momentum for the festival.

-Share the Facebook link through your social media accounts to help us get the word out.

-Attend at least part of the festival to check it out.

Thank you again to everyone for helping with our GoFundMe fundraiser, and if your band is playing together successfully in JamKazam sessions and would like to broadcast a performance with paid tickets, please send us an email at

Be well, stay safe, and we hope you enjoy your connections on JamKazam!

Best Regards,

Team JamKazam

If you missed my initial or the follow-up blog posts about JamKazam, you can find all of them here by searching for "JamKazam". Finally, special thanks to Magic Ray and my local DMV musician buddies from all over for helping to share this info each week. My email address is below if you ever want to send me a note or have any questions.




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