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Click to Help Us!!!

Here's where I need YOUR help... Please do me a huge favor and hit the "Subscribe" button at the MPD Podcast YouTube Channel and Like our MPD Podcast FB page? We are trying work with musicians far and wide and this would help us hit our goal to have 100 subscribers by the end of this month. It's also FREE!

If you didn't know I do a video podcast about personal development for musicians... Well I do... It happens every other week with my co-host CC Bass. I'm the dude sitting behind the drums.

I wanted to send you the direct link to the podcast (Musicians Personal Development Podcast or MPD Podcast for short) on YouTube. Each show is typically 15-20 minutes in length, and all of them provide actionable tips to help you to become a better musician or performer. We release new episodes every other Wednesday at 8:00pm.

> MPD Podcast Facebook Page:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.



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