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When Drums meet Cycling?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I normally use this forum to share information about drum stuff, online music or events. Since I enjoy drumming AND cycling I'd like to share some information about how my two hobbies recently collided.

Last week I was in a cycling accident and I sustained a broken left hand and other assorted bruises. It's no secret that great drummers need all their arms and legs to perform so this is a HUGE issue for me right now.

I suppose I could polish my cymbals and stuff like that to kill time. By the way, my left hand is in a splint so typing on a computer is also "out" as an activity. The good news is that I'm going to be okay in about four weeks. Three to go!!!

Soooo... for the next few weeks I wont be playing or practicing ANYWHERE, which is very unusual for me. Fortunately, my band-mates have been kind enough to get subs to fill in for me during this month for my gigs. I'll certainly let everyone know when I'm 100% recovered and ready to play again. Until that time comes I'll share a few things from my last few playing experiences. I was always too busy to do that before now. This is a GoPro video of our COVID Band session from last week playing 500 Miles High, written by Chick Corea in 1972: . Sorry about the audio quality.


For those who want to know a bit more about my cycling accident, I have included a few pictures below. My helmet, which was cracked, saved my life:

Even though I crashed going over 25 mph, I still believe cycling is a safe sport and an incredible hobby/activity. There are times when I have learned an entire set list of songs on a long bike ride. You can also truly get a sense of solitude and freedom on longer solo rides. It feels sort of like flying, only on the ground (...technically I guess that would not be considered flying) LOL. Just like drums, I miss cycling and my bike buddies tremendously too.


So for now, I'll have to exist for the next few weeks and figure things out without riding or playing drums on my road to recovery... Look out!

Will catch you in a few weeks!

Stay safe, everyone! 😷



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