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Happy Holidays from Wil & CC

We wish you a very Merry and Happy Holiday season!!! However you or your family decides to celebrate the Christmas and New Year season, (or not) we'd like to extend our well wishes to you all. Regardless, what is REALLY important is to consider the true meaning of this Holiday season and how fortunate and blessed we all are to experience it and to connect with one another - however that works in your family.

We should also recognize there are those who struggle with this time of year for their own personal reasons and literally hide until all of the festivities have come to a close. Some are dealing with personal loss, family issues, meeting expectations of others, or any number of other situations that cause them stress or anxiety. We should be mindful of those folks too, and try to check on those who are troubled during this time of year and could use a kind or positive word.

For the next few weeks CC and I will be offline from the PMD Podcast but we plan to come back in 2023. We're considering a few new ideas we'll start to share next year in an attempt to reach a few more folks. Until then, check out our NEW MPD Promo Video and we'll connect with you again in 2023! It's my first project like this, so I hope you enjoy it!

For those who don't know about any of this, I do a video podcast about personal development for musicians! It happens every other week with my co-host CC Bass. I'm the dude sitting behind the drums in the picture below. CLICK THE PICTURE TO SEE A SHORT PROMO VIDEO.

I also wanted to send you the direct link to the podcast (Musicians Personal Development Podcast or MPD Podcast for short) on YouTube. Each show is typically 15-20 minutes in length, and all of them provide actionable tips to help you to become a better musician or performer. We release new episodes every other Wednesday at 8:00pm.

> MPD Podcast Facebook Page:

This is a work in progress for us so please do me a huge favor and hit the "Subscribe" button at the MPD Podcast YouTube Channel and Like our MPD Podcast FB page. We are trying work with musicians far and wide, and your support would help us hit our goal to have 200 subscribers by the end of next year. It's also FREE!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.



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