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Original Music from Redeen

While most of us were silently and patiently waiting around for COVID restrictions to run their course during the past year, a few musicians worked on various old/new projects to keep their minds and souls occupied.

I was one of those musicians who worked on an original creation from Pianist Pete Reppert, aka Redeen. I'm still learning about my DAW software, so thanks to Pete I was fortunate to have a chance to add percussion and a few drum tracks for his original music with Jay Worley on sax. I'm not sure exactly when Pete created this series of short songs, which seems more like a musical score to me, but I was happy to be a part of his project.

Check out the link below and try listening with your eyes:

If the video doesn't seem to perfectly match the music... that's intentional. Pete, also a local visual artist, elected to grab video clips from the public domain instead of drawing his own stills to go with the various musical arrangements. The resulting video is more like art that goes with the musical movements of the soundtrack. Check it out and let Pete know your thoughts. Certainly, there will be more to come in the near future.

Peace and drums 🥁


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