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Regarding COVID-19 Cancellations Everywhere

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Since we all like music, let's discuss the cancellation of scheduled musical events in our area, due to our ever-increasing, recent social distancing limitations.


For starters, can someone please tell me what all of our anxiety about COVID-19 has to do with the hoarding of toilet tissue or toilet paper (TP)? I was at lunch a few weeks ago and saw four large packages of Charmin on sale for about $10 each at CVS. All four packages were GONE by the time we walked by five minutes later. I don't understand 😳


On a more serious note, if you've looked at the Events Calendar at my site recently you may have noticed a number of cancellations from my scheduled engagement dates. There are so many unknowns about the Coronavirus at this point and things are changing daily, so I’m not comfortable trying assess when we'll all be back in business as musicians, unfortunately. Most information sources have confirmed our nation is dealing with a crisis regarding COVID-19. Even though that's our present reality I think most musicians are still a bit bummed about not being able to perform as scheduled. Gigs are cancelled everywhere!

Humans are resilient and I know we'll get get through this sooner or later. Until that time I'd like to OFFICIALLY notify everyone that the next few upcoming weeks of scheduled engagement dates on my calendar and in social media are CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, until they can be rescheduled. One positive out of all of this is the creative interaction I'm seeing take place online by musician everywhere to find alternate ways to bring music into the lives of others.


I live in Maryland and as of 03/16/2020, at 5 pm, Governor Larry Hogan announced an executive order and a series of drastic measures designed to combat COVID-19 in our state. Details involve the ordered closing all bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms in the state. It appears that takeout, delivery, and drive thru food service will still be allowed, along with banks, gas stations, pharmacies, and grocery stores, which will remain open. In addition, we've been instructed to refrain from having gatherings of 10 or more people at social, community, religious, recreational, and sporting events.

Those are pretty much all the places where musicians can work (unless we start to hang out on the sidewalks - 6 feet apart)! LOL

Another positive note is that a number of other favorable provisions were enacted by the EO that are very cool for families, seniors, singles, and just about everyone else who breathes air, eats food and doesn't want to be sick. Congress continues to work on some stuff too that we'll probably see before it's all over.


So let's get all through this together... think about our first responders, medical personnel, retail staff, cooks, superheros, and the huge list of essential personnel those who simply cannot be excused from their day-to-day work or receive a telework option to do their jobs. Those folks work really hard and they're pretty dedicated, for the most part.

They're also separated from their families and run the risk of infecting their loved ones at home as they continue to move about and serve the public. Since we're all pretty powerless against this virus, other than hiding from it, let's all pause and be grateful for what we have and let's try to remain tolerant of each other. For those who are feeling alone, scared, dealing with flu-like symptoms of their own, or caring for someone, I'm very sorry for your situation(s). We need you to please continue to hang in there until things get better - and they WILL get better eventually.


Personally, I plan to spend my time away from gigs working on me and my personal to-do list. Doing so will also enable me to knock a few things out that need to occur to make me a better person/musician. Hopefully, everyone will consider doing the same (for themselves). As I get more spare time, I'll consider sharing other thoughts, and content.

I may also start to share my progress and/or things I'm working on to be a more proficient drummer/percussionist. Please stay tuned and definitely sign up to recieve updates if you'd like to hear from me again. My e-mail is if you'd like to sent me a note. Be safe, everyone!



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