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Wil meets Panic for the Vibe (PFTV)

Updated: May 9, 2020

I was just offered the primary drummer spot for PFTV - and I accepted! I have sat in with them before, and I have been playing with them off-and-on for two years now. I like these cats and the music is cool. You can check out their site at the link below.

For those who don't know, PFTV is an American Pop-playing, soulful Top 40 and  West Coast Reggae band from Bristow VA, formed in 2013. The band's line-up includes Larry Thomas (lead vocals and acoustic guitar), John Graves (lead guitar and vocals), Ace Cooper and Tommy Zeigler (bass), and me on drums. The group is led by guitarist, Larry Thomas, who also leads an acoustic single, duo and trio project as the voice of PFTV.

PFTV's music is highlighted by bass-driven grooves, reggae rhythms, and soulful cadences, sometimes alternating between funk, pop, blues and reggae within the same song. The music often contains mood-altering, harmonic minor-based or bluesy vocals, wonderful guitar solos, and rhythmically-improvised heavy bass lines. The west coast reggae vibe is what I enjoy the most and I'm looking forward to playing with PFTV on a permanent basis. Check out this link to view the full PFTV band:


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