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Live Jazz at the Corinthian with "Red Planet B"

Updated: May 9, 2020

For those who don't know, our group, Red Planet B (RPB) was playing Happy Hour Jazz again at the Corinthian this last Thursday. For the record, we provide live jazz during Happy Hour just about every Thursday at the Corinthian from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. The only exception is when the Ravens play. We don't play when the Ravens are playing (for obvious reasons). The group RPB is comprised of four members and we play all types of jazz. The groups features Andy Bruce on keys, Tony Lunsford on bass, Franklin Wade on trumpet, and me on drums, of course.

They also have great food at the Corinthian to go along with your favorite beverage and our music! We really hope you can make it this week. You wont regret it!

Corinthian Restaurant and Lounge

7107 Windsor Mill Road

Baltimore, MD 21244

From 5:30pm - 8:30pm


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