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Message from the Baltimore Jazz Alliance

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I wanted to pass along some information from my partners at the Baltimore Jazz Alliance regarding their support of An die Musik. We are all aware of the negative impact COVID-19 has had on the restaurant and entertainment industries, including thousands of local artists and musical acts. Check out their e-mail below and consider supporting them:

Dear Musician or Jazz Enthusiast:

As you all know, An die Musik has been one of the area's foremost venues for live jazz for many years, bringing us amazing artists from around the world and providing a stage for countless emerging artists in the area. Since the pandemic began, they have been live-streaming concerts consistently, continuing to provide a platform for artists and a destination for viewers/listeners.

This is why the Baltimore Jazz Alliance is proud to support their fundraising efforts, as they strive to raise money for additional pay for performers as well as for upgrades to the venue. We contributed to their fund, and you can too, using the button above, or visiting Upcoming live-streamed concerts at An die Musik include Alex Brown & Victor Provost,Tres Amigas,Harry Appelman with Dave Ballou, Joel Santiago and Friends, The Stephen Arnold Quintet, Russell Kirk & The Path, and many more. In fact, with strict regulations on most other types of venues, and outdoor events limited by the weather, they are nearly the only venue on our calendar right now - surely a testament to their dedication to keeping the music alive during these tough times. We hope you will support them as we did.

You may have noticed we have temporarily stopped sending event listings due to the scant offerings overall, but we will resume them shortly. Meanwhile, if you know of something not on our list that's happening in the coming weeks, be sure to let us know! Or better yet, post it yourself to our calendar at! If you see something listed in error, please let us know about that as well, so we can correct it. Baltimore Jazz Alliance, 3000 Homewood Avenue #33347, Baltimore, MD, 21218, United States,


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