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PASIC 2019!!!

Updated: May 9, 2020

Welp, PASIC 2019 goes down in the record books as a success for me. For the non-drum folks reading this, PASIC stands for the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, and it's the single largest percussion event in the world. Drawing thousands of percussionists together each year from across the globe, PASIC is a four-day drumming wonderland that takes place in the late Fall. I have been attending for about 20 years, which I find amazing!

I have personally witnessed the way PASIC has changed over the years. I can remember a time when ALL major drum vendors showed up for the exposition portion of PASIC. I guess it can be pretty expensive ROI for vendors. Folks like Roland didn't show up again this year (again) and I was bummed a bit because of that.

On a positive note, sort of, the drum circle community has started to gain some traction at PASIC. For example, the PASIC scheduler started turning the late-nite drum circle attendees away because there were concerns about not having enough space. However, I still managed to learn quite a bit from to hand-drumming workshops. More to come with this!


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